Slavische Philologie - Slavistik



Sonderband 39 / Wien-Moskau-München 1996

Igor' Mel'cuk: Russkij jazyk v modeli "smysl <-> tekst"

Sbornik statej

Literarische Reihe - herausgegeben von Aage A. Hansen-Löve

The 23 chapters of the book, grouped in Parts I-IV, represent the results of the autor's more than 30 years of studies of the Russian language. These parts deal with:

I. Lexical semantics and lexicography (in particular the Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary,
II. Syntax (surface-syntactic relations and word order),
III. Derivation (possible formal-semantic relations between linguistic signs, form and contents of derivational rules, derivation and conversion) and
IV. Inflection (the problem of parts of speech as applied to numerals, grammatical cases in 'difficult' contexts, inflectional category of animacy in adjectives and numerals).
V (Chapters 24-26) offers a concise outline of important achievements of A.A. Reformatskij and R. Jakobson in the field of Russian studies.

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